About the Racial Awareness Project

Most of us are reasonably familiar with the tragic history of racial injustice in the United States. However, not as many are aware of the disturbing present racial disparities and the many ways systemic racism infects our society today. The Racial Awareness Project aims to change this.

The Racial Awareness Project is maintained by a diverse group of Americans, who have personally experienced the injustice of racism in various ways. In the aftermath of the brutal killing of George Floyd, there arose a widespread desire to understand more of the present reality of Black Americans. The concept of the Racial Awareness Project was born in response to this desire. This is not a platform for a few subject matter experts to distribute their knowledge to the masses. Rather, this is a platform for us, the masses, to gather and share our knowledge with each other for the mutual benefit of all. We hope you will be a part of this effort by contributing to the collections. But more importantly, we hope you will be a part of the solutions to these injustices. Let's keep up the fight to make America what she was intended to be.